Download the SayWhatNow app

The SayWhatNow app is the perfect way for you to have your say, and earn great rewards while doing it.

We don’t waste your time. No need to go into the app to search for tasks – ever. You get automatically notified when a task is available for you – maximising your reward opportunties. You can complete the task if convenient – or ignore the notification. The choice is yours.

Check out this video demonstration of SayWhatNow in action:

We think you're going to love SayWhatNow. If you want to find out more about SayWhatNow please check out our Researcher Portal pages, our Case Study or give us a call.

Access the Web Portal for Researchers

The SayWhatNow Web Portal gives researchers all the tools they need to build, publish and report on "in-the-moment" research jobs.

To access the researcher portal you will need to register. If you have any questions be sure to contact us as

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